The year is 2391. A Federation civil war is on the horizon. Choose your side wisely.

In 2390 Federation President G’ath was assassinated during the christening ceremony of the USS Redemption, the new flagship for the United Federation of Planets. The maiden voyage of the Redemption sought to locate and apprehend G’ath’s assassins, but instead Captain Ashcart and his crew unearthed a conspiracy so deep that it rocked the United Federation of Planet’s to its core.

The year is now 2391 and the Federation is sitting on a knife-edge. A civil war is looming between those loyal to newly elected Federation President, Elesa Zal, and those rogue elements operating in the shadows to topple the Federation Council as we know it. The “Sixth Fleet” has defected from Starfleet and now operates under an independent banner of hostility and destruction; the “Confederacy of the Underdark” seeks independence for the planet of Andor, willing to achieve this aim by any means necessary; and the “Kaal Taan” are a Bajoran terrorist organisation intent on reversing the recent admission of Bajor into the Federation.

Elsewhere in the galaxy the Romulan home world has been devastated by a new race of beings known only as the “Ee”. Romulan Praetor Sahrin has forged an uneasy alliance with his counterparts in the Alpha Quadrant, beginning a new era of cooperation between the Romulan people and the Federation.

The Redemption’s mission is to enforce peace within the Federation and to extend and arm of friendship beyond its borders. If you feel you have what it takes to serve on board the Federation flagship, register your interest using the “join” link on this page. Captain Ashcart is waiting to receive your communiqué.

Our Awards:
April 2016 Area 51 Silver Unit of Distinction
May 2016 Area 51 Bronze Unit of Distinction
July 2016 Area 51 Silver Unit of Distinction
November 2016 Area 51 Silver Unit of Distinction
December 2016 Area 51 Bronze Unit of Distinction

Latest News Items

» The Good

Posted on 22 Aug 2017 @ 12:37pm by Captain Azura Ashcart in General News

Hello fellow crew of the Redemption!

It is with glad tidings that I come to you now, with the loss of our Chief Engineering Officer I happily inform you that we have a bright shiny new Chief Engineering Officer. Steve will be playing our fluffy new kitty Engineer. So help me one and all welcome Steve to the family of the Redemption! I will be getting with Steve and writing him onto the ship as soon as possible.


» May awesomeness!

Posted on 16 Jun 2017 @ 9:09pm by Captain Azura Ashcart in General News

Hello to all my fellow Redemption players. This is my status of the sim update. I have good news we had a pretty good run last month and netted a nice number of awards from the fleet.

I want to highlight two awards specifically.
Lieutenant Commander Alexei Jordan recieved the Player of the Month award for putting out consistent, quality character driven posts. Congratulations!

And our own Lieutenant Mikail Kolmak recieved the Writer of the Month award for taking the first steps towards fleshing out a character I believe will be interesting and fun to play with. Keep it up!

We as a sim also recieved the Silver Unit of Distinction award. It might not have seemed like it but we had a good month last month. The Redemption may move slow but we produce quality writing.

For a full list of awards I will put a link to the Theta Fleet article at the bottom.

I know I speak for everyone on the command staff when i say how very proud I am of each of you and I look forward to many more years of great stories to come!

(Aka Captain Ashcart)

» More new people, and good news!

Posted on 13 Jul 2016 @ 12:15am by Captain Azura Ashcart in General News

Hello crew of the Redemption, I know I have been slightly lax in my normal updates but I do have good news to report. We can welcome a new member of the ship to the fold, Stephen who will be playing our new Marine XO and Wing Commander Major Edward (Dragon) Cagney. So help me welcome him on board!

The Theta Fleet Awards have been posted for July and we were lucky enough to have four of our crew recognized. They have begun a new awards system to highlight exemplary writers and players for the quarter so I will start with that.

XO of the Quarter(Second Quarter, Area51): Rhyan, USS Redemption. Rhyan is part of the reason the Redemption is doing so well. He is a great writer and heavily involved in all aspects of the sim.
Writer of the Quarter(Second Quarter, Area51): Mark, who plays Cassandra Blackburn on the USS Redemption. Cassandra is conflicted, angry, burned out, and intense. The posts are engrossing and well-written. She creates a very complex character and is involved in many aspects of the story, involving other characters in her personal and sim drama.

And post of the month (June/Area51) goes to Lieutenant Commander Geraldine "Geri" Severide & Lieutenant Commander Magdalena "Maggie" Doyl for there post: Meeting Intel

For a full list of all awards given out in Theta Fleet for June please go to this website:

On a more personal note, I'm proud and humbled to write with such talented people. Keep up the good work and lets see where this mission takes us!


» Welcome to the new crew and awards again!

Posted on 26 Jun 2016 @ 4:54pm by Captain Azura Ashcart in General News

First I would like to start off by welcoming another member to the crew. Amy, who will be playing Lt. Mikail Kolmak our new Assistant Chief Medical Officer! So let's all welcome Amy to the ship. Congrats Afton you have a minion.

Now on to the awards, we as a ship have won the Bronze Unit of Distinction award for May. Good work all, I'm proud of you. This just goes to show that we have an unusually talented group of writers playing on this ship. Major Cassandra Blackburn had again been singled out for special recognition for her exceptional quality posts over the month. Her post: “New Confrontations", has earned her writer of the month for Theta Fleets Area 51 division.

I'm proud of you all and look forward to seeing where you treasure the ship from here on out!

Azura Ashcart

» Awards Update

Posted on 20 May 2016 @ 11:09am by Commander Rhyan in General News

Today I created, uploaded and awarded the first awards since the resurrection of Star Trek: Redemption. Please feel free to view the awards section of the website to see what will be on offer on a monthly and mission-by-mission basis.

The first awards to be provided include:

Theta Fleet Post of the Month (Area 51): Commander Rhyan and Major Cassandra Blackburn (Homecoming Part 2: Cass)
Theta Fleet Player of the Month (Area 51): Commander Rhyan
Star Trek Redemption Latinum Contribution Award: Captain Azura Ashcart, Commander Rhyan, Major Keisha Afton and Major Cassandra Blackburnn (For 5 years service to the RPG)

- Andrew.

Latest Mission Posts

» The Beginning of the End… (Part 3)

Mission: Errand of Mercy
Posted on 13 Dec 2017 @ 4:48pm by Cadet Senior Grade Jody Scott

Jody stirred for a moment in the bed in his quarters, but quickly returned to the deep slumber he had been in. He had not slept well in several nights despite heavy sedation provided by Doctor Afton; but tonight was different. It had taken him a couple of hours to…

» Kill Caustic

Mission: Errand of Mercy
Posted on 11 Dec 2017 @ 8:07pm by Captain Azura Ashcart & Lieutenant Commander Magdalena "Maggie" Doyl & Major Keisha Afton & Lieutenant Commander Geraldine "Geri" Severide & Lieutenant Alexander Webb & Petty Officer 1st Class Lia McCarthy

"USS Redemption, This is Lt. Denning with transport group 4! We have your new crew members and a handful of civilians aboard but we are being followed by unknown craft. Weapons have not been fired, repeat, weapons have not been fired. Request intercept, over!"

-Commanding Officers Quarters-
PALLAS appeared…

» The Beginning of the End… (Part 2)

Mission: Errand of Mercy
Posted on 09 Dec 2017 @ 5:22pm by Commander Rhyan

Rhyan stepped through the doorway into his laboratory and threw himself down beside the all-too-familiar workstation. Having just completed his duty shift on the bridge he was now facing another gruelling eight-hour shift sifting through virology research to aide in the search for a cure for the Hadronus virus. As…

» The Beginning of the End… (Part 1)

Mission: Errand of Mercy
Posted on 09 Dec 2017 @ 3:41pm by Ensign Sarah Kaminski (MIA)

For days there had only been darkness and silence, exactly as she had desired it. But without warning an electronic chirp aroused her from her slumber, her eyes unexpectedly adjusting to the beam of light now permeating the forward cabin of the runabout Cho Oyu. Of course, she hadn’t been…

» Late Night Dinners with Revelations on the Side

Mission: Errand of Mercy
Posted on 08 Dec 2017 @ 12:41pm by Major Keisha Afton & Captain Azura Ashcart


Azura walked in with Savannah in his arms, she grabbed his ears as the doors swooshed open to their quarters. He looked about as the crossed the threshold and took a deep breath. The scent of Keisha, hours old topped with a faint note of her perfume. He smiled…